Casual Jobs for Students - Good or Bad?

Students often question themselves whether finding a casual work while studying is beneficial or detrimental to their career.

Researches point out that people who had casual job experience while studying are the highest achievers in life.

No matter what kind of casual job you embark on, it will always add to your professional and life experience. Even when the job is not tied to your field of study or pursuing career you will eventually see the benefits of casual jobs.

Casual work can arm you with a set of tools that will make you more independent and financially successful. If something isn't going well with your future job, you have the skills and experience to perform another temporary job or even switch career. Not to mention that many companies prefer to employ someone equipped with knowledge and experience in different areas or as they usually say, an all-rounded professional.

You might be asking yourself, what will a coffee making job experience contribute to your career as an architect. Well, not much directly. But you will improve your interpersonal skills, gain customer service experience, work better under pressure, increase your sociability and make many friends and contacts that will prove advantageous in the future.

Casual work can also interfere negatively in your Uni performance. In that case you should consider some effective time-management techniques, reduce your working shifts/hours or even postpone your casual job venture.

Many celebrities and wealthy business people attribute their success to their casual job experiences.

Andrea Bocelli used to play piano in a piano bar in the evenings while he was studying law at the University of Pisa. He completed his law course and worked as a lawyer for one year. However, his casual job yelled louder to draw his successful career. Abocelli is known as the most popular Italian singer in the World.

Nicolas Cage used to sell pop corns at Fairfax movie theatre in Hollywood.

Rod Stewart first worked as a Newspaper delivery boy. Later he became a grave digger at Highgate Cemetery.

Donald Trump used to be a rent collector.

Don't underestimate the power of casual work. It will increase your self-esteem, make you more confident and open many doors to success.

There are many websites that offer casual work for students. Sometimes Universities offer casual jobs for students on their own website.

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