From Crab Cakes to Commercial Roof Design


"I couldn't stand the thought of slinging one more crab cake or spending one more day smelling of fish," Peter lamented as he thought back to a 6-year span of his life during his mid- to late-twenties when he worked as a waiter at a seafood restaurant.

"One day while working a double-shift, I went out to the parking lot to grab a quick nap in my car before my second shift of the day. As I sat in my car staring at the windshield, I knew right then and there that I needed to do something to make a change in my life. I knew going back to school was the right thing to do, I just didn't know for what or where."

Many people can certainly identify with Peter's story: working in a dead-end job, unhappy about the direction of your life, and feeling hopeless and confused about how to go about making any sort of change.

What was it that changed for Peter that one day, sitting in his car between shifts, after 6 years of working a job he loathed that caused him to actually take action? How many times over that 6-year span did the thought of doing something else cross Peter's mind? "Pretty much everyday," said Peter. When asked what was different about this one day that made him do something as opposed to the all the rest, Peter didn't have a good answer. It wasn't a particularly bad day. He worked double-shifts almost every weekend. So what was it that caused Peter to go home that night and look up colleges?

All About The CNA Practice Exam


CNA practice exams are mockups of the Certified Nursing Assistant examination (offered by the National Nursing Aide Assessment Program), and are meant to prepare you as a student for the actual examination. Since the CNA exam is divided into two: a written test and a practical test, you will need sufficient practice in both these components if you are to pass the exam.

The internet has numerous resources offering practice material for the written and practical aspects of the exam. Taking timed mock tests are a good practice for the written exam, and watching instructional videos will help you with the practical aspect of the exam.

Does Tackling CNA Practice Exams Help Me Prepare for the Real Exam?

Yes, tackling CNA practice exams does help with sitting the actual exam. They not only get you psychologically prepared for your exam, but they also help you review and revise course content you have tackled in the course of your CNA training.

College Students and Their Self-Worth in Denial


Many college students believe that once they have all the right knowledge from school that they will have invested in their future and be ready to go out and conquer the world. Is this so, can a mere degree or knowledge allow for this to occur with a high-probability of success?

For their sake I hope so considering the cost of college tuition these days and the student loan debt these kids are taking out as of late. Not long ago, someone explained to me that they had a huge amount of potential and just needed a chance to succeed, even though they hadn't succeeded at much in their other endeavors including school. Okay so let's talk about all this shall we?

You see, I explained to the college kid that I understood his point and argument on his future potential, but also stated; "one thing a wise man once told me, he said to me that I must not expect others to judge me by what I know or believe I will do in the future. He was right, I had always "expected" people to just observe and know that I'd make good, but that's not how we are judged in society, humans don't do it that way, so, you have to achieve or prove yourself first. That's fine, it's the way they do it, so, once you know, then you know what is needed, and can get started right away."