How To Use Success of Olympic Athletes To Inspire Your Own Career


I enjoy watching sports. I follow Tennis around the world all the time. However, I rarely watch any other sports because they are not readily available on the Sports channels. I was soon hooked on the London Olympics 2012. I watched sports that I had never seen before, like Dressage. and Biking I was not keen on Boxing, I found myself willing our British girl, Natasha Jonas, to put more sting in each punch. I actually needed that rest too at the end of each round. What an enjoyable fortnight it was and I was wanting so much more.

I realised these athletes have great dedication and determination. They spend months and years in training with the final aim of becoming a gold medalist at the Olympics. It is a long time to remain focused, surely there are times when this determination wanes.

I found myself wondering how do they get themselves up in the morning and go training, when the spirits are low. Can their example relate to ordinary people's lives.

How to Find Cosmetology Schools and Beauty Schools


How do you find cosmetology schools? Each aspiring cosmetologist is unique and will look for something different in their beauty schools of choice. For this reason, start by making a list of what is most important to you, narrow your search down to only the schools that meet this criteria, then visit those cosmetology schools in person to make your final decision.

Step 1 - Make a Cosmetology Schools "Wish List"

Start by making a list of what is most important to you, then narrow your search to only the schools that fit this criteria. Below is a sample "wish list" to get you thinking of the qualities you desire most in your dream cosmetology school.

Sample Wish List of Great Beauty Schools

    A complete cosmetology certification program that prepares you for your state board of cosmetology exams so you can get licensed.
    Access to an in-school cosmetology salon for hands-on experience
    Highly skilled and experienced instructors
    Flexible class scheduling
    A location close to home
    Career placement services
    Availability of financial aid: scholarships, grants, loans and payment plans

How to Get Your Cosmetology Licensing in Colorado


Congratulations! You've chosen to pursue a career as a cosmetologist in Colorado - which means you need to get your cosmetology licensing. This article outlines the steps you need to take to legally practice cosmetology in the state of Colorado by getting your license for cosmetology.

3 Steps to Getting Your Cosmetology Licensing

    Get an education from a state licensed school of cosmetology.
    Earn your cosmetology certification.
    Take and pass the state board of cosmetology exams.

Step 1: Get an education from a state licensed school of cosmetology.

Finding a school of cosmetology in or close to your area of Colorado should be no problem. Start with an internet search including the name of the closest city near you. Find everything from specialized cosmetology schools to career colleges, which feature professional in-school cosmetology salons for hands-on training and experience that employers look for.

Aged Care Workforce Set to Quadruple, Where Will It Take You?


The Australian aged care workforce is in huge demand and as the nation prepares for the baby boomer generation to enter retirement, the ageing population is set to grow. Many Australians are already engaged in the aged care or disability care workforce, however, by 2050 that workforce is set to quadruple meaning that one in every twenty working Australian will be within the aged care sector. Many who are undertaking, or planning to undertake a vocational qualification, like the Certificate III in Aged Care or the Certificate III in Home and Community Care, can back up their passion for caring for people with a qualification.

This ensures the elderly population are receiving care from experienced and qualified individuals that have invested their time to learn the many facets of aged care. Studying an aged or home and community care course is the nations current industry standard and gives you access to Australia's fastest growing sector.

Certificate III in Aged Care - What Will You Learn?

The Cert III will teach you to administer personal care as well as supporting the elderly. You will strive to meet their psychological and emotional needs and gain knowledge to assist individuals with medication and illness. The course includes curriculum to teach students how to work effectively in different cultural environments.

Education and Training Study Tips


Many thousands of students undertake and enrol in vocational education and training courses every year. However for those new to study, or returning to study, it can be difficult to get into an effective routine. The following article contains four good rules to follow that will help you achieve the most possible out of your education and training course.

Create a Study Space

Before beginning it is important to create your own study area. It is important that this area is available at any time and is free from disruptions like television. Keep this space clean as a de-cluttered area means a de-cluttered mind. Have a good light and chair at your desk and before sitting down to begin ensure that all materials needed are available - having to search for these later will get your mind out of the 'zone'.

A Guide To Effective Business Writing


A good personal assistant or secretary will need to have excellent command of the English language at her fingertips. Emails and letters may have to go out at a seconds notice. Likewise you are responsible for staff memos. Given that you will produce so many scrutinised pieces of writing for both clients and colleagues, your writing must be faultless.

There are easy rules and aspects for all PAs or Secretaries to revise that can help maintain your standard of English. Common mistakes include "their" and "there", all too often PAs send out email with these words being used in place of the other. Everybody will know the meaning of these words,but it is just all too easy to make these mistakes. Another common mistake is "were" and "we're", these have very different meanings but often substitute one another.

Also, be sure that you are clear on the difference between "can" and "may". I can write correctly, infers that I have the ability to write accurately. If I substitute "can" with "may"; the meaning changes and means that perhaps I will write correctly. This is a subtle difference that can make emails and letters look clumsy to the reader.

Gaining The Benefits of Vocational Training Courses


As the world's economics get tighter and tighter, more and more people are finding themselves in a situation where they need vocational training courses. The big problem is that they do not know what these are and how these can provide a benefit to them in the overall education process. Let me explain.

In the business and manufacturing world of today, many people are finding themselves in a situation where they have been laid off from the job they always thought was very solid and would take them all the way through to retirement. But the reality today is that businesses are cutting back and laying off all but the "essential personnel" in order to stay in business and remain competitive. So what happens is that though no fault of yours, you are suddenly finding yourself in a position that you have never been in since your college graduation, which is unemployed and wondering how to find a new job. You haven't even needed to create a resume in many years because you have been doing your job, and probably doing it very well, for a great number of years. But now the situation is entirely different for you.

Make Your Next Career Choice an Invaluable One


There's more to the transport industry than just driving. There's got to be someone left behind, someone to make sure that everything is under control. A dispatcher is one of the most important jobs in the transport business, and is highly regarded as one of the most essential communication positions of any business. In fact, The Ontario Trucking Association has claimed, "[T]he dispatcher is one of the most important people in a road transportation organization. He/she is responsible for making critical decisions regarding the key operational function of the company."

Many transport businesses cannot operate without a reliable dispatcher. Someone must be present at home base, to tell drivers and operators where to go, and what is required of them. Dispatchers are responsible for the communications of the company. But in order to be hired, you must have experience. This is why taking dispatch courses is so important, especially considering the present day employment rates. In order to stand out in a pile of applicants, you need to be more than simply qualified. You need to have practical experience.

Transport Industry Jobs Have a Little Something for Everyone


When someone says the word 'transport', the majority of us think of trucks. But there's more to it than that truck driver you see behind the wheel. There's actually a whole fleet of people that work behind the scenes to get him into that truck and safely to his destination. These people work together as a team to guarantee the success of their company as whole, much like a finely tuned automobile. And some of them never even have to leave the office.

Of course, a career in transportation can definitely entail driving an 18-wheeler. It just depends on what area you choose to specialize in. If you see yourself on the open road, then transportation courses can teach you what to expect, ensuring that you understand all the different aspects of the transport industry and all of the necessary safety measures that transport drivers are required to take in order to successfully complete their driving routes. And with no shortage of transport companies to choose from, you'll have little difficulty finding permanent employment once you obtain your trucking license. And in today's economy, the potential for guaranteed employment is extremely valuable.

Begin Your Health Care Field Career With CNA Certification in Alabama


The passage of the federal Omnibus Budget Reconciliation Act of 1987 (OBRA-87) legislation required each state, including Alabama to establish state and federal OBRA approved CNA Training program and evaluate the competency level of nurse aides. The federal legislation further requires candidates upon completion of the program must pass state approved CNA Certification in Alabama within 120 days to earn certification and to work legally in a variety of health care settings in the state.

CNA Training Program

The Alabama Department of Health approved training program requires nurse aides to complete, at least, 75 hours program, prior to earning their CNA Certification in Alabama. The program consists of 59 hours of theoretical classroom instructions and 16 hours of supervised clinical hands-on experience that must be performed in an approved facility among the residents, under the direct monitoring of a registered nurse.