Are Vocational Colleges Getting The Shaft In The Student Loan Sector?


Federal regulatory agencies have sure gone after the vocational colleges when it comes to student loans. There have also been quite a number of lawsuits where students had later sued these colleges claiming that they were told there were plenty of jobs once they completed their degree program, but once they got out of college there were no jobs to be found. Still, although that may be the case with a very large number of students in certain industries, I don't see where that would be a specific problem only to vocational schools.

You see, there are plenty of college students that went to school to get their degree at major not-for-profit universities and colleges, and it turns out well over 50% of the kids who graduated with a law degree found no work at all. If they don't get work, they obviously can't pay their student loans, and the default rate is stacking up significantly. In fact, there was an article in the Wall Street Journal on July 18, 2012 titled; "Student Debt Hits the Middle-Aged," by Josh Mitchell, which stated;

Begin Your Health Care Field Career With CNA Certification in Alabama


The passage of the federal Omnibus Budget Reconciliation Act of 1987 (OBRA-87) legislation required each state, including Alabama to establish state and federal OBRA approved CNA Training program and evaluate the competency level of nurse aides. The federal legislation further requires candidates upon completion of the program must pass state approved CNA Certification in Alabama within 120 days to earn certification and to work legally in a variety of health care settings in the state.

CNA Training Program

The Alabama Department of Health approved training program requires nurse aides to complete, at least, 75 hours program, prior to earning their CNA Certification in Alabama. The program consists of 59 hours of theoretical classroom instructions and 16 hours of supervised clinical hands-on experience that must be performed in an approved facility among the residents, under the direct monitoring of a registered nurse.

Vocational Schools Are Just As Important If Not More So Than Universities Offering Social Sciences


Okay so, you may not have considered this but I'm going to ask you to consider it today anyway. We know that the student loan bubble is a huge problem, and there is over $1 trillion in outstanding student debt currently in the United States. Each year we should expect that to grow, along with the tuition costs which have also been increasing at about 8% per year. In many regards this is a terrible tragedy for our society, especially at a time when our civilization is becoming more technologically advanced, and we need more people in the math and science fields. Okay so let's talk a little bit about vocational schools and their relevance to our economy and jobs in America.

You see, many employers are complaining that they have jobs available but no skilled labor. A cynic might say that these corporations merely want more corporate welfare in the form of employee training, and that might be part of their complaint, but the problem in this situation is real. We don't have enough skilled workers to take those specific jobs. This doesn't mean we don't have an unemployment problem? No, we surely do, and even if we could fill those jobs, it still wouldn't be enough to get America back to work in the percentages that we need currently, especially if we want to recover from this economy.