Becoming A Mechanic From The Comfort Of Your Own Home


The internet has revolutionized education and professional training. Nowadays, anyone can learn a new craft or skill by enrolling in an online training program. Whereas once upon a time this may have been reserved solely for the book-learning world of university education in the humanities, today's inter-active training environments have opened up the doors to even the most technical form of education.

You may think that it is a disadvantage to learn what is normally considered a hands-on skill without the benefit of a classroom or workshop. This may seem especially true of the mechanic industry. How can one learn to inspect, diagnose and repair a vehicle by simply sitting in front of a computer? Before you give in to such scepticism, take the time to research some online training courses to see exactly how they can be advantageous.

Becoming a mechanic starts first and foremost with an in-depth knowledge of cars and engines, how they are put together, how they function as a whole, and what are some of the possible problems that they have. Interactive software serves as a three-dimensional encyclopedia of parts and functions that can be easily navigated with a click of the mouse or more complicated algorithmic search methods. Another advantage to this kind of study is that you can work with simulated accidents and breakdowns without having to worry about actual vehicular damage or worse, bodily harm due to collisions. Online mechanic training can take the student through a wider variety of situations than any real-life course would be able to feasibly provide.

African Engineers: Green Cutlasses


In an age in which Greens preach more loudly than Christians it is fitting that popular Biblical quotations find new green expressions. In Ghana, grassroots engineers have reinterpreted Isaiah's vision of turning swords into ploughshares by turning worn out band-saw blades into farming cutlasses. Band-saws are used in Ghana's numerous sawmills to turn its mighty forest trees into wooden planks, but making cutlasses from the old blades is helping small farmers to feed themselves and their village communities. Although this activity does nothing directly to preserve the forests it does recycle precious imported material and preserve it for use in a greener setting.

Band-saw blades are made of specially formulated carbon steel that combines the properties of hardness with flexibility and shock resistance. The metal can provide a sharp and durable cutting edge with the capability to run bent around steel rollers in a continuous loop. According to veterans of the sawmilling industry, all that these blades cannot survive is meeting a large rock that has been carried up by the tree as it grew and become embedded deep within its enormous trunk. Needless to say, steel of this quality is ideal for farmers' cutlasses used for weed control and clearing scrub.

Forklift Requirements For Certification


Forklift drivers and operators are a vital part of the many industrial and manufacturing companies worldwide. Without them, freight, cargo and all other types of shipment would be impossible to transfer or even transport. This is the reason why they too, must be trained and certified in order to be as effective in their line of work.

It may seem that they just drive a bigger than golf cart type of vehicle but actually they are not. The forklifts are specialized trucks, of different models, that must be handled very carefully in order to prevent accidents and of course, deliver goods in time.

Individuals wanting to work in this type of job have to satisfy a number of Forklift requirements for certification. This is needed not only by the companies wanting to employ them but is actually a law that is required across all states.

Basic requirements to becoming a certified forklift operator are good eyesight, great physical and mental condition plus a driver's license. Not that a guy wearing eyeglasses is automatically exempted from becoming one but good eyesight is necessary. Yet, simply owning a 20/20 vision or a muscular body cannot certify one to be a forklift operator. Other state-required necessities must be fulfilled too, in fact, such are needed to get employed.

Commercial Pilot - Why The Fat And Generous Pay?


It is almost irresistibly attractive - you get to wear a gorgeous white-clad uniform, you are regarded highly in the eyes of the public, you only need to make a few flights per day, and you get to enjoy a fat and generous salary on your payday. Yes, these are just some of the advantages of being a commercial pilot.

As such, a lot of people aspire to be one. The American Airlines for example pay rookie pilots a salary of 31,000 USD. The pay can go up to as much as 123,000 USD for experienced pilots (10th year in service). Delta and UPS reportedly pay their experienced pilots a salary of more than 200,000 USD.

It is definitely not easy to ignore those numbers. And getting to fly something like an Airbus Jumbo Commercial Plane is like a childhood dream come true. But why exactly are pilots paid premium? Here are some of the reasons: