101: Foods to Help You Study Cert IV in Training and Assessment

Like many Australians you may be beginning a training course or qualification through vocational education and training. This may be a first time qualification or a course that you are returning to study for. Some people find it hard to study after being away from the books for so long. I have outlined below for your convenience the food capable of improving your memory and concentration.

These foods have been proven to increase memory, the information processing capacity and overall brain function to help you study your Cert IV in Training and Assessment effectively.

1. Water: as you brain is over three-quarters water when it becomes dehydrated your memory power is reduced drastically meaning both mental and cognitive functions are decreased.

2. Vitamins: these are a great supplement to enhance a diet. Take magnesium to increase brain and memory function. Alternatively, selenium is a great mineral. Due to antioxidant properties, selenium removes toxins from the brain, clearing room for your brain to absorb memory loss preventing vitamin.

3. Eggs: not only do eggs provide fatty acid, they actively build brain cells that are dedicated to improving memory.

4. Iron: this is one of the most important minerals. Deficiency shows poor concentration, decreased intelligence and slow though processes.

5. Fish: fish boost energy, enhances the learning ability and improves problem solving skills. It also boosts and enhances memory power and communication between brain cells.

6. Milk: Memory retention is increased hugely through calcium consumption. The minerals also increase concentration and alertness. With this in mind, remember to bring a milk-based coffee to your next face-to-face training course!!

7. Tea: it improves not only memory and focus but combats mental fatigue. Black tea enhances the brain while green tea improves information retention and concentration rates. This is great for students who study the Cert IV in Training and Assessment via online and distance training.

8. Nuts: these improve the mood and memory dramatically. They are rich in acid and double the capacity of the brain power.

9. Beans & Greens: beans act to stabilise the blood levels and keep you physically and mentally energised throughout your study session. By having the ability to remain focused on the task at hand you will use your time effectively and perhaps finish your training course, like the Cert IV in Training and Assessment, in less time than those suffering from exhaustion and low concentration. Additionally, all types of green salad and vegetables combat against poor memory and boost brain power.

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