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Bartending is a fun, lucrative yet demanding profession, and there are generally speaking two routes to the top. You can start bussing tables, and gradually crawl up the greasy pole until maybe, just maybe, you finally make it to being a bartender, or you can get yourself a qualification in bartending at bartending school, and walk right into some of the hottest jobs around.

There are bartending courses all around the country, and if there isn't a good one near you, then look for one on line. Bartending school courses tend to be very flexible, to take account of the fact that people on them are often holding down a job whilst they study. Classes can be during day, during the evening, even at weekends. The best schools offer a mixture of serious study as well as a lot of fun, nightclub atmosphere classes - most people really enjoy their time at bartending school.

You will be expected to work hard and to take your course seriously; after all this is not just an enjoyable and rewarding profession, but one which carries a lot of responsibility for both the financial success of your bar and the well being and safety of both fellow employees and customers. So the whole range of subjects will be taught; legal, health and safety, professional skills, customer service, dealing with money, stock control, how to choose and look after the tools of your trade, how to dress, how to deal with difficult situations, and of course, the all important mixology.

Naturally, as with all education, there is a cost for bartending school, and it may be that as a struggling beginner, you'll find it hard to justify that cost to yourself. However, top bartenders can earn both a decent salary and a lot of terrific tips. Not only that, bartending is one of the few growth employment areas in the world today - your chances of finding a much better job as a result of your qualification are excellent. So it really is an investment which will pay off. Most schools offer helpful easy terms, will take credit cards and in general, make the financial aspect very easy to deal with.

Just about all bartending schools have a fantastic network of contacts which will help you find a job, and most can do job placement all over the country. You'll be joining an elite group of trained bartenders, and alumni of bartending school tend to look out for each other and are a great source of employment as well as new bartending ideas and trends.

Speaking of ideas and trends, it's in the bartending schools that some of the hottest new directions in mixology begin. When enthusiasts gather together, magic happens. If you are keen to be the best possible bartender that you can be, you owe it to yourself to get that qualification to put up behind the bar, and to be in on the ground floor of everything that's trending in bartending.

So even if school was never your thing, consider how great it will be to know that you have a professional qualification in one of the hottest and most exciting careers around today.

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