How To Use Success of Olympic Athletes To Inspire Your Own Career

I enjoy watching sports. I follow Tennis around the world all the time. However, I rarely watch any other sports because they are not readily available on the Sports channels. I was soon hooked on the London Olympics 2012. I watched sports that I had never seen before, like Dressage. and Biking I was not keen on Boxing, I found myself willing our British girl, Natasha Jonas, to put more sting in each punch. I actually needed that rest too at the end of each round. What an enjoyable fortnight it was and I was wanting so much more.

I realised these athletes have great dedication and determination. They spend months and years in training with the final aim of becoming a gold medalist at the Olympics. It is a long time to remain focused, surely there are times when this determination wanes.

I found myself wondering how do they get themselves up in the morning and go training, when the spirits are low. Can their example relate to ordinary people's lives.

I have been a junior secretary for the last 7 years. Although my bosses are very happy with my work and I am happy in this environment, I am still being overlooked for promotion. Colleagues and people who join later always get that promotion over me. They get it because they have the Diploma that is so needed in today's commercial world. My manager also endorsed that a Diploma will get me that promotion.

I have tried, many times, to get that Diploma as I have enrolled on classes but dropped out because I have found it too basic or that it was presented in a boring way. I am working all day and need stimulation to attend an evening class. With a Saturday class, it has to hold my interesting enough to make me not have that lie in.

My friends had many suggestions. Some said to look for a new job that looks favourably on experience. Nevertheless, I love working in this office and would not like to leave nor do I have the courage to step into the unknown. Some suggested I find a good college to gain the diploma that I need to take that next step.

I decided to enrol in the course, but I found my interest waned after the excitement of enrolling. This is when the Olympics started to really help me. I saw an interview with our athletes that showed the early morning starts and dedicated training. I realised that I need to motivate myself in order to achieve my goals too. I have now completed the task, but urge everyone to seek inspiration in order to improve their job.

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