Is Marketing a Good Venue for Vocational School Degrees?

The cost for college tuition is absolutely too high, and the average student is taking out $20,000 per year in student loans at state colleges and paying over $1200 a year for textbooks. All I can say to that is; ouch. But what if you go to a vocational school to learn a trade, skill, or get the training for a specific job? Does that make more sense because when you get out you will be qualified to work in a given industry?

Remember you have to pay those student loans back, so perhaps a vocational school might be the right ticket, even though the regulatory authorities seem to have come down on vocational colleges for suggesting there will be guaranteed jobs when you graduate. The other day, I was talking to an acquaintance who lives in the upper Midwest and he decided that he would study marketing. He explained to me that; "Marketing will always be needed, and every great concept needs a voice."

Well, that's absolutely true isn't it? It hardly matters what a company is selling, they have to let everyone know because otherwise no one will buy it. It hardly matters if you have the greatest invention, innovation, product, or service on the planet, because if no one knows about it, and you haven't done your proper marketing, then no one's going to partake in a purchase. Therefore, marketing will obviously always be needed.

Okay so, does that mean you should get a marketing degree rather than an MBA? Not necessarily, because these are two different things, and marketing is part of an MBA, as marketing is the; planning, pricing, promotion, packaging, and advertising of any product or service. No one is going to give you an MBA unless you are proficient in knowing these things. Every company needs marketers regardless of the size.

In fact, there was an interesting article online from the Wharton Business School which explained that as the economy started to pick up, or as certain industries started to recover, the companies in those sectors would first hire back the marketers to go out and get new business and new streams of revenue. Then as things got better they would start to hire other people to manage the company and ramp up production, but it was always the marketers who were hired back first.

What I'm saying to you is this; marketing could very well be a good venue and the proper subject to study at a vocational school. With that degree in hand you might just be the first person hired back. Indeed I hope you will please consider all this and think on it.


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