A Step-By-Step Guide To Becoming An LPN

Quite a few nursing professionals have discovered that the position of LPN offers the fastest way to get into the health care field. Nowadays, one of the preferred ways to do this is by enrolling in online courses. Indeed, the advantages offered by online study, especially when it comes to convenience and cost, are making these classes an obvious choice for more and more students.

With the need for nurses at a record high around the nation, and so many people interested in getting into the profession, the following step-by-step process is one that anybody can use to start their career in practical nursing quickly.

Step 1 - Find A Good LPN School

The initial step in becoming a Practical Nurse involves locating, and graduating from an approved LPN training program. In nearly all cases, your practical nursing schooling can be finished either through distance education, at a private or public school or, in many instances, at a local community career training facility. This training will generally require an average of twelve months to complete.

Step 2 - Sit For The Licensing Exam

The next step in the process is to become licensed with the applicable regulatory body in your area by passing the LPN examination. The exam for LPN licensure is known as the NCLEX-PN. It is nationally-recognized, and is presented at testing locations in each of the 50 states through the National Council of State Boards of Nursing.

Step 3 - Obtain Work Experience

The next step will be to get some on-the-job training in the nursing profession. Not only does this type of experience look really good on your resume during interviews, but it will also let you build-up your competencies in crucial skills and become familiar with the requirements of the job.

Step 4 - Look For Your First Job

Once you have received the final results from the NCLEX-PN exam and have fulfilled the last of the standard requirements for becoming employed as an LPN, it will be time to find a job. Because of the aforementioned demand for nurses, and the fact that you've met the necessary prerequisites, it should be relatively easy to secure an entry-level position.

Why You Should Become A Practical Nurse

The opportunity to make a great salary while experiencing the rewards of aiding other people are among the best reasons for becoming an LPN. The current annual practical nursing salary is $36,000 to $43,000 according to 2011 U.S. Board of Labor Statistics data, and the need for new nursing professionals will never be greater than it is right now. By following the four-part process defined above, all of the rewards of being an LPN can be yours.


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